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New website Casa Segafredo
30 Januar 2009

Casa Segafredo - Main entranceSegafredo Zanetti starts 2009 with an alternative and involving way of communication, nearer to the consumer, through the web channel.
Starting from 28th January 2009, you can in fact visit, an innovative web site of social networking focused on the world of coffee.
Casa Segafredo is born as an open and welcome place, an emotional and enthralling space in contact with the consumer, where you can discuss about coffee and its history and share your individual ways of tasting the most daily-consumed drink worldwide.
A virtual space, relaxing and modern, where the community members can chat, make friends, share information and experiences in front of a coffee cup, socializing drink “par excellence”.
The original design of the web site brings you into the inside of a house with many rooms. In each you have the possibility to deepen your knowledge of the coffee world in a playful and interactive way, through curious information, films, tests and amusing games as well as to furnish your own room and create your personal profile starting from the several contents to be uploaded and the games available in different house sections.

Casa Segafredo - The kitchen

Casa Segafredo - The attic

28th January 2009 also marks the opening of Casa Segafredo blog– – a space intended in particular to those who are far from home for work or study reasons. Here, users can find useful information for the “out of home” menage.
In short, Casa Segafredo outlines the various aspects of coffee, taking advantage of the warm welcome of the virtual home, to introduce a new and important concept on the net, that of feeling at home even when out of home.
The online launch will be supported by a banner campaign staring from 4th February 2009, which will allow the site, until 1st April 2009, to be present on the main information web sites and on the most famous entertainment web portals which are consistent with the communication target. An activity of Direct E-mailing is also on schedule.
Banner will be then visible on La Repubblica, Il Corriere, Google, Msn, Virgilio, Yahoo, Libero, Deejay, All Music.

Casa Segafredo - The blog