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29 Julio 2010
Automech 2010 exhibition in Egypt

House of Gastronomy, distributor of both Segafredo Zanetti and La San Marco brands, was present at the exhibition Automech 2010 held in Cairo.

23 Julio 2010
At Milan Central Railway Station

Segafredo Zanetti Espresso is proud to announce the opening of a new café inside Milan Central Railway Station.

16 Julio 2010
Sponsor of golf in Poland

Segafredo Zanetti Poland has been main partner at Dr Irena Eris Ladies Golf Cup competition held near Olsztyn.

12 Julio 2010
Two new cafés in France

Segafredo Zanetti France announces two new openings in Paris, in the new Okabé shopping mall and at the Ermont Eaubonne railway station.

05 Julio 2010
Segafredo Zanetti and Ducati

Segafredo Zanetti and Ducati continue their partnership in spreading the quality of Italian brands worldwide.